Facial Trauma


Unfortunately injuries to the face, jawbones and teeth occur. Our doctors, being oral and maxillofacial surgeons are uniquely qualified to manage and treat these injuries. Many times these injuries can be managed in an office setting, but on occasion may require an admission to the hospital. Our doctors are on staff at several local hospitals and may be asked to see you by hospital personnel should you require treatment or be transported to a hospital following your injury.

Injury to teeth and the surrounding gum and bone is quite common. Teeth that have been loosened or avulsed (knocked out) may require splinting in addition to a variety of other treatments including root canal therapy, fillings, crowns etc. Therefore, a variety of dentists or dental specialists may eventually be indicated for your treatment.

If a tooth is knocked out it should be placed in salt water or milk immediately. Do not wipe off the tooth even if it is dirty as you may remove the important ligament that is necessary for it's survival. Call your dentist or our office immediately.

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