All-On-Four Provides Same-Day Dentures

August 1, 2023
If you have lost all of your teeth, or most of them, then your oral health could suffer, as could your quality of life. But with the All-On-Four system, we can secure implant dentures same-day, so you can smile with confidence. Your Elk River, MN, oral surgery clinic can offer secure and lifelike fixed dentures in only one visit!

The All-On-Four Difference

Traditional implant dentures usually need between six and eight dental implant posts per arch to support a full set of dentures. There needs to be enough jawbone structure to support these posts, and if the jaw has weakened and eroded due to tooth loss, this could mean the need for jawbone grafting or sinus lifts to provide enough structure to support new roots.

But with All-On-Four, we use only four posts, placed at specific angles and positions, to support a complete set of prosthetics. This means a more affordable procedure, and that less structure is needed to support your new teeth. No need for grafting or sinus lifts, and the area heals much quicker too. In fact, we can often insert the roots and attach your new temporary one in the same visit, so you never go without a complete smile.

Securing Your New Roots

To get started, we will carefully examine your smile to assess the strength of your jaw and to choose the best angles to insert your new implant posts. We numb the smile and then guide these into place with digital surgical guides. A bar is then used to connect these posts and provide a base for your new dentures. We can also discuss sedation to ensure you feel comfortable. Once these are in place, they will bond with the jaw through a process known as osseointegration, so they act as new roots and prevent the jaw from losing mass and density. You preserve your youthful features and your new smile can stay in place for decades to come, possibly even a lifetime.

Your Temporary and Final Prosthetic

Once your new posts are in place, we will attach an abutment to them that extends above the gum line. Our team will then connect a temporary denture to them, so you have a full smile while we complete your final prosthetic, the one designed specifically for your smile. You then return home and nurse the area with ice and any prescribed pain medications. When you return, we will remove the temporary and attach your final set of teeth.

Your Elk River, MN, And Additional Oral Surgery Clinics Offer Implant Prosthetics

We want to help you maintain a complete and beautiful smile. If you would like to find out more about the All-On-Four system, then call our Elk River, MN clinic at (763) 274-1092.