SPEAR Study Club

Below is just one example of the caliber of course content and innovative delivery that SPEAR Education uses to help Doctors and their staff learn and grow together.
The AOMS SPEAR Study Club meets once monthly, eight months of the year.

These meetings are a great opportunity to get together with other colleagues in the area and discuss SPEAR cases, as well as treatment plan and work on patient cases together.

Do you have that one patient that just seems to have a difficult treatment plan that you keep going back and forth on? That is the perfect example of a case you can bring to the SPEAR study club and receive different view points and critiques on how other colleagues in the dental industry may handle a comparable case.

Not only is this an opportunity for us to get together and learn from each other, it is an opportunity to grow our practices together. If you are interested in attending the next SPEAR Study Club Meeting or would like more information about this continuing education opportunity, please click here.

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We welcome new members at any time throughout the year.
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