How Dental Implants Resolve Tooth Loss Issues

March 17, 2023
How much trouble can tooth loss cause? As far as your smile is concerned, the answer varies simply because some teeth are more prominent than others. However, when it comes to matters of your oral health, the loss of any tooth can have serious consequences. Once your smile is no longer complete, you can find that biting and chewing feel less natural. Relying on your remaining teeth to support these functions can lead to premature wear and tear that leads to new problems. Another concern is that teeth that neighbor an absence can shift and become less secure.

These problems, along with the jaw health issues that occur after tooth loss, should not be taken lightly. Fortunately, the right treatment approach can take on these different worries. Associated Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeons treatment offices can help through treatment with dental implants. These small titanium posts can hold teeth in position and also take on functions that were previously provided by now-lost tooth roots.

How Much Can Prosthetic Dentistry Really Offer You After Tooth Loss?

The visible portion of your tooth is known as the crown. Its absence creates an embarrassing problem, as an incomplete smile can make you appear less attractive and less healthy to others. What you should know is that the loss of a tooth’s roots should also concern you. The roots are responsible for supporting neighboring roots and helping teeth stay in position. They also stimulate the jawbone to help against tissue deterioration.

A tooth loss solution that only responds to the visible absence of your tooth can only provide part of the improvements that you require. To take on more of the issues associated with this problem, a dental implant can take on roles once performed by tooth roots to provide more functional benefits.

Dental Implants Can Provide More Support For Your Restorations And Oral Health

Implant dentistry helps patients enjoy more functional support from lifelike prosthetic appliances. The implant itself is not your replacement tooth but a small titanium post that will be inserted into the jawbone. That insertion is carefully planned and performed to make sure it is in the right position, and to minimize the effect on your jaw. After placement and healing, you can have a restoration secured that makes your smile appear whole again. Based on your needs, we can use a single implant to hold a single tooth prosthesis, or we can place multiple implants to keep a larger restoration in place. With the security you enjoy, you can preserve your jawbone density and your bite health, which means you are less likely to experience problems like further tooth losses, loss of bone density, or TMJ problems related to an uneven bite.

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