We Can Address An Impacted Wisdom Tooth

April 3, 2023
Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are late arrivals to our smiles. Unfortunately, when they start to move into place, a lack of space in our mouths can create different issues. One of those issues is with the wisdom tooth becoming impacted and not erupting properly. There are different ways in which an impaction can affect you. This can create significant discomfort while also putting your health at risk. Fortunately, you can count on oral surgery to successfully extract a third molar that becomes impacted. Whether you suffer a soft tissue, partial bony, or complete bony impaction, we can proceed with a safe surgical removal to resolve troubles and protect your smile.

Wisdom Tooth Eruption Can Lead To Complications

The simple reason for why wisdom teeth tend to be unwelcome is that many of us lack the space for them. As they break through the gums and start to take their place, they can cause discomfort by pushing against neighboring molars. This can damage your enamel and change your teeth spacing, and they can become a general source of discomfort. In some cases, people experience further trouble because these third molars become impacted. This occurs when the teeth shift and are no longer moving in the proper direction. When they are stopped from moving in place, they can become stuck under the gums or fully within the bone, making their removal more complicated. Fortunately, our practice is able to arrange the removal in order to resolve this trouble and protect your oral health.

Scheduling Your Extraction For An Impacted Wisdom Tooth

  • Soft tissue impaction
  • Partial bony impaction
  • Complete bony impaction
Whether your wisdom tooth is held back by the gums, held between the soft tissues and bone, or completely trapped within the jawbone, we can help. Our close evaluation will determine what problem you face and what the solution will involve. From there, we can perform the procedure to safely and conservatively access the tooth so that it can be removed without creating problems with neighboring teeth.

Recovery After Your Procedure

Recovery after any wisdom tooth extraction is important. After having an impacted molar removed, we will provide guidance on how you can protect the affected area and heal without issue. Short-term discomfort is natural after your anesthetic’s effect fades, and some swelling and minor bleeding can occur. Following recommendations provided by your doctor for protecting the area and enjoying proper rest will help you avoid complications and heal in a timely manner.

Our Maple Grove, MN And Additional Clinics Are Available To Help With Your Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom teeth can cause discomfort as they move into place, and in some cases they become impacted and only partially erupt. Service at our oral surgery clinic can resolve this problem by safely removing an impacted tooth to resolve discomfort and prevent further complications. If you would like to find out more about this or any other service that we offer, call our Maple Grove, MN clinic at (763) 416-9990.