Safely Performing Jaw Surgery

May 1, 2023
If your top and bottom jaws do not properly meet, jaw surgery, also called orthognathic surgery, can address the imbalance. This procedure can also help correct certain misalignments of your bite and lack of space for teeth within your jaw when traditional orthodontic treatments are not the answer. When you decide to reposition your jaw, you can improve the appearance of your face while enhancing the function of your teeth!

At your Elk River, MN, oral surgery clinic, we take pride in providing orthognathic correction for conditions of the jaw and lower face. When you lack proper alignment, routine activities like breathing, eating, and speaking are greatly impacted. By relieving your imbalance, you can enjoy a more comfortable life!

When You Need Orthognathic Surgery

When your upper and lower jaws do not correctly align, you may experience certain functional or cosmetic discrepancies. Causes of your misalignment vary and include an uneven growth rate of each bone. Others are born with birth defects or receive injuries to the jaw that cause imbalance. Because this problem can cause your teeth to meet poorly, dental malocclusion may identify your jaw imbalance. When we determine that orthodontic solutions alone cannot treat your poor alignment, jaw surgery may be necessary. In fact, your treatment may combine with the application of braces to bring your jaw and teeth into position together. Our surgeons will consult your dentist and orthodontist throughout the planning and performance of your procedure. You will continue to wear your orthodontic appliance into your recovery and they may need to be removed within a year.

Increasing Patient Comfort During Your Procedure

If you consider delaying corrective oral surgery due to apprehension at the idea of receiving treatment, we can discuss options for prioritizing your comfort. For patients undergoing extensive procedures such as jaw surgery, we provide hospital-based general anesthesia during your procedure. An anesthesiologist will administer and monitor your treatment to make sure your vital signs are steady while you remain unconscious and pain-free during your surgery. We also employ less intensive anesthetics like nitrous oxide for simple procedures such as tooth extractions or the placement of dental implants. Do not allow feelings of anxiety towards treatment to prevent you from receiving desirable correction!

Your Elk River, MN, And Additional Oral Surgery Clinics Are Available To Help With Your Jaw Surgery

Because you can experience significant oral health problems when your jaws do not properly align, orthognathic surgery can help! Service at one of our oral surgery clinics can help you resume a more comfortable lifestyle when your bite comes into position. If you would like to find out more about this or any other service that we offer, call our Elk River, MN clinic at (763) 274-1092.