Treating Your Impacted Tooth

December 1, 2023
An impacted tooth is simply one that cannot fully erupt, and instead only partially erupts, leading to issues with the alignment of the smile and major complications. Our team can bracket them into proper positions or if needed, extract them altogether. At your Maple Grove, MN, dental office, we can help protect your smile when a canine tooth becomes impacted.

The Causes of Impaction and Warning Signs

An impacted tooth is one that doesn’t erupt fully, and instead only partially does. This could be due to issues like wisdom tooth eruption, as there is often little room for the arrival of these teeth. But concerns with jaw shape, or if or primary teeth don’t fall out in time and interrupt the eruption of the permanent teeth, which could also lead to a partial eruption. To make a diagnosis with precision and accuracy, we will carefully examine the teeth with digital x-rays, so we can assess the position of your partially erupted tooth, and plan treatment to restore the beauty and health of your smile.

Bracketing the Teeth into Place

Oftentimes, spaces can open up with the removal of a primary tooth, or if ones that have fallen out prematurely, providing space for the impacted tooth to naturally move into position. But if this doesn’t happen, misalignment could grow in severity and more extensive treatment could be needed. To avoid this, we could help bracket the tooth into proper position. If the tooth isn’t properly exposed, orthodontics could be used to clear a space for the tooth, and oral surgery could be used to expose the tooth structure. We then connect a bracket to the exposed tooth and to a nearby one, connecting them with a gold chain. As tension is adjusted in the chain, the impacted tooth is slowly and carefully brought into proper position, correcting your smile’s alignment.

Tooth Extraction

Of course, if there is no clear method for bracketing the tooth, we may instead need to extract it, especially if the impacted tooth in question is a wisdom tooth. Again, we plan the procedure with detailed digital imagery, and take steps to ensure your comfort as we remove the tooth from your smile. If you have any questions about treating a partially erupted tooth and restoring alignment to your smile, then please reach out to our team today. We’re ready to help you enjoy optimal oral health and a straighter smile, and can even help with teeth that don’t erupt fully or remain beneath the gums!

Our Maple Grove, MN, And Additional Clinics Offer Care for Your Smile

We’re ready to treat dental impaction to protect the health and beauty of your smile. If you would like to find out more about treating partial eruptions or about our orthodontic/oral surgical procedures, call our Maple Grove, MN clinic at (763) 416-9990.